Hand Made in UK Handkerchief


Designed and hand made in our East London studio, each handkerchief encapsulates and illustrates Harry's life on a scale map of where it all began, Liverpool. 

These limited edition handkerchiefs are crafted from a crisp white cotton lawn with black print. They have a soft, lightweight handle with enough versatility to carry with you each day.

Born in Breck Grove, Anfield, 1934 Harry often made the short journey to Goodison Park to watch his boyhood heroes of Everton Football Club. Evacuated to Wales during WW2, he departed and eventually returned via Lime Street Railway Station. Returning to a war battered city, Harry, like many others craved new adventures.

This led him to join the army and subsequently the Merchant Navy. With spells working for Cunard, White Star and Blue Star shipping lines, 'The Three Graces' and Albion House were a regular sight. Setting off usually from Sandon, Gladstone or Seaforth docks he explored South America and the East Coast of North America, New York making the biggest impression.

A wave of new music in the US consumed Harry and his fellow merchant seaman, they brought back records and items that had never been heard, seen or were completely unattainable here in the UK.

One of Harry's friends (Mr Ivan Hayward) once returned with an all-black 6128 Duo Jet Gretsch guitar that shortly became a certain George Harrison's instrument, enduring numerous gigs in Hamburg and of course the Cavern Club.

Hessy's guitar shop was also welcoming of the 'hard to get hold of' items coming in from the ships and was a store Harry 'more or less lived in' as his obsession with music grew and grew. Hessy's having been most famous for selling John Lennon his first acoustic guitar and helping to modify his Rickenbacker 325.

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