This episode of the Harry Stedman story begins in London, 2011. The Son and Grandson of the eponymous Harry honour their family legacy with clothes that tell authentic tales of transatlantic adventures aboard cruise liners and cargo ships. Young Merchant seamen set on bright lights and big cities took their opportunities to see the world and soak up all the style, music and culture that came with it.

In the late fifties and early sixties, returning to their home ports, they brought back the slang, sounds, and looks that influenced the burgeoning music scenes. Liverpool in Harry Stedman’s case, kick starting the youth explosion that created the culture that influences the way we live today. 

Respectfully looking to the past to inform our designs, Harry Stedman clothing represents creative and emotional investment, smart classic style for Saturday nights and Sunday best, and the utilitarianism and functionality that was important to Harry. Workwear that would last a lifetime and age distinctively. Clothing with purpose.

We champion key facets of classic American and European attire, creating new, exciting clothing that demonstrates fire, skill and forward thinking.



Harry Stedman has led a tremendous life, one filled with many passions, hardships and awe-inspiring world travel, all of which provide a solid foundation to our brand's DNA.

Born in Liverpool in 1934, Harry is father and grandfather to owners Phil and Rick. His early years were spent in rural Shropshire, sent there as one of many Liverpudlian evacuees. After the War Harry returned to his hometown where he would enjoy his formative years, sandwiched between a gaggle of siblings - the middle child of seven.

As Harry meandered through his teen years he found himself enveloped by an overwhelming urge to escape the war-weathered streets of Liverpool, as did many young men of the time. In 1951, spurred on by tales of world travel passed down by his brothers serving in the military, Harry enlisted in the British Army.

In the years to follow Harry would find himself in all manner of exotic locations, delivering his unique brand of humor, curiosity and devil-may-care attitude to places such as New York, Libya, Argentina and beyond. 

Throughout these adventures Harry soaked up local culture, particularly whilst in The Big Apple. It was there he discovered variations of the classic dockers' workwear he was used to seeing in Liverpool, plus the luxury of fine Brooks Brothers shirting that helped form his Sunday best back home. There was also a whole host of music, which he and many like him appropriated and helped birth the Mersey Beat sound, regularly bringing back rare vinyl from the states.

Harry continued his travels for several years, bringing pieces of his life abroad to England, setting trends with his newfound garments, music and more. It was this global lifestyle which helped chisel the man we now know and love, one who has never forgot his working class roots or the true value of a hard day's work, blackened hands and all.