#StreetHeritage - Harry Stedman x Liquor Store

February 23 2015, 0 Comments
As part of The #StreetHeritage campaign by Birmingham's fantastic Liquor Store, three of the Harry Stedman team have compiled outfits that we each personally feel mix Street Style with Heritage wear, Something the Liquor store does so well. Ryan Lee - PR & Marketing Manager Ryan's outfit   Harry Stedman Navy Desert Wax Drizzler Jacket Harry Stedman Blue 50s Oxford Button Down Shirt Harry Stedman Beige Chinos Harry Stedman Grey Made in USA T-Shirt Sanders Chukka Boot in Snuff Suede Vintage 1970s Everton Football Club with hand sewn patches. “Being from Liverpool, for me the street means one thing, Football. Whether it’s playing it in the street as a boy, or walking the well-trodden paths towards the match of a weekend. You’d notice everyone wrapped up during winter in long woollen coats with the occasional flash of blue from a scarf poking out, here i've picked my vintage Everton F.C. scarf with badges my uncle added when he was a kid, the Everton fist is my favourite and gives it that little bit of attitude. Shorter, smart Harrington style jackets similar to the Harry Stedman Drizzler (pictured) also caught my eye as the weather got a little warmer.”
  Amy Greenland - CEO / Designer Amys outfit Harry Stedman Classic Varsity Jacket Harry Stedman Yoke Pocket Overshirt Harry Stedman Burgundy Classic T-shirt Vintage Duxbak Sweatshirt Tramline Danner Boots Harry Stedman Bramble Stitch Hat Hardy and Parsons Elmley Belt Levi's Demi Curve Slim Jeans "Coming back from New York last month after exhibiting at Liberty Fairs trade show, we got to see a lot of great authentic street styles. Varsity Jackets kept popping up, often layered under topcoats and macs, mixing the urban sportswear vibes with more sober traditional outerwear. It's one piece of clothing that's been a constant in American culture. Here among other items, Ive picked our Harry Stedman Classic Varsity Jacket in forest green and black, they're made in collaboration with Golden Bear Sportswear, a stalwart of american workwear thats been going since the 1920s."
  Richard Ashton - UK & International Sales Manager Rick's outfit Nike Air Force Ones in Grey/Black Harry Stedman Indigo 16.5 oz Raw Selvedge Denim Kulsan Jean Harry Stedman Loopwheeled 50s Sweater in Khaki Brooklyn Circus BKc Big B Tee in tie dye blue "When we visited New York a few weeks back i was like a kid in a sweetshop when it came to the clothes, So many great stores and brands! We hit the streets, me in my Harry Stedman Kulsan Jeans, that are just starting to feel like a part of me, and i'm pretty happy with the fade on the back pocket where i keep my wallet. I love my trainers too so when i saw the Air Force Ones i had to buy them. Same for my Brooklyn Circus Tee, I love it's worn in feel and it gives a nice little flash of colour underneath my Harry Stedman Japanese Loopwheeled Sweatshirt."