The Lowdown On Our Denim

May 18 2016, 0 Comments

denim post2We appreciate quality, solid products made for every walk of life so supplying jeans that are hardy and well-made has been a goal of ours from the start. But, with all the facets and variables that make up a good pair, we've learned that for a denim novice it's sometimes tricky to understand the key qualities and terms associated with high quality denim.

Here, with the help of, we've decided to break down some of the jargon used to describe our 16.5 oz - Cone Denim Mills, White Oak - raw selvage denim Kulsan Jeans.

Raw / Dry Denim 

This is simply untreated denim that is not washed after being dyed during the production process. We've found that the beauty of our jeans means you can see your pair as a day to day project. They'll mould to your shape, fade in places, crease and soften as they become more and more a part of you. Each pair is unique to the wearer.

"There's a whole world of raw denim washing etiquette; some say never to wash them, some once a month."

There's a whole world of raw denim washing etiquette; some say never to wash them, some once a month. We say go with what you feel is natural to your pair. One of our team chooses to wash his as little as possible, he's gained some great fading on his pockets from holding a wallet and mobile phone etc but still has the solid indigo colour more or less intact. However, another colleague washes more regularly, ending up with more overall fade but almost 're-stiffening' the jeans with each wash.

Selvage / Selvedge

In the original shuttle weaving process, a small bobbin of yarn is carried inside a shuttle that travels back and forth across the loom. Since the yarn is not cut after each weft insertion, the tightly bound edge cannot unravel. This means that when it's used it will maintain its integrity throughout the life of the garment.


How much a yard of the denim weighs in ounces, ours are 16.5oz and at the top end of the mid-weight range of denim out there. They're practical and will more than likely last you a lifetime, something we try to provide with every one of our garments. 

The Harry Stedman Kulsan Jean is made in San Francisco, USA. We've added green stitching to the top of the back pockets and yoke to give it a signature Harry Stedman look. The back leather patch is proudly crafted by hand here in the UK. In terms of fit, our jeans are slim fitting with a fairly narrow leg and graduating in seams. For more details and sizing guides check them out properly here.


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