A Christmas Meal with ... Matthew Pike, Founder of Buckets & Spades

December 25 2014, 1 Comment
IMG_4070 Christmas is finally here, and in all the excitement and build up, we managed to catch up with a few friends of Harry Stedman and find out whom they would most like to spend a Christmas meal with. It can be any person, group of people, from the history books or alive today. Here’s what our friend Mr Matthew Pike, founder of Buckets & Spades Blog had to say..
"Who would I invite for Christmas Dinner? There’s a thought. If I was being logical I’d probably say people who don’t eat very much, but they also need to bring the fun too. But to keep things traditional I’ve done a bit of thinking and here’s who I’ve came up with: Paul Smith – The All-Rounder Along with being a huge influence on myself since I was a teenager (his history in cycling, generally attitude to life and creativity) I’d say my main man Paul Smith would be a stella option for the Christmas table. He’s clearly a fascinating chap, but I reckon he’d be the go-to if the rest of the guests ended up getting wasted on Adsa own-brand cherry. 37a6eae8-7e88-4218-8d46-eae89875e476_seven_hundred Larry David – The Realist This guy could make or break Christmas Dinner, in fact, any situation you put him he’s bound to have it covered. In the last Curb episode I watched Larry called someone the C word in the middle of a poker game. The game ended there. If this guy wants extra sprouts he can have them. Oi! Stone Cold Steve Austin – The Badass ‘Austin 3:16 said I just whopped your ass”. My actual childhood hero. Sticking it to the man, drinking umpteen cans of cold ones and generally being a badass, oh and getting paid millions to do it. The Rattlesnake makes the table – unless he doesn’t put Larry through it first that is. Captain Haddock – The Seasoned Veteran Blistering barnacles man! My main boy from the Tintin stories knows his way around a drinks cabinet. Doubt we’d get a sip but with the amount he drinks at least we know we’ll be able to play human Buck-A-Roo with by 7pm. Grayson Perry – The Big Thinker Almost a cartoon character at times, both me and my girlfriend (oh yeah, I should probably invite Hollie too!) have recently became quite obsessed with this curious man. Having watch a few programmes of his, which explore, “Who Are You?”, I’d be included to say he’s be a quality guest for our little shindig. Reckon he’d be a whizz as Charades too. p01l9pc3 We’d have to do shifts as DJs for the music I reckon, these bunch of hot-heads would be a nightmare to organise, so me and Paul probably take a backseat with that one. Somehow I can’t imagine Haddock being into Christmas songs and party games until he’s got a few rums down him, so that would be our priority. Making everyone feel welcome and at home – if that takes 10 rums then so be it. We’d stick to traditional Christmas Dinner, but I’d ban Christmas pudding. It’s at our gaff and I really can’t stand the stuff. Mince pies smothered in double-helpings of double cream it is. If they don’t like it we’ve got plenty of those Quality Street Toffee Pennies from last year. Home Alone, Jurassic Park and Singing In The Rain on repeat all day long. 50700007 Knowing this is a Harry Stedman-endorsed dinner I’d expect no less that the fellas to club together and buy me the Japanese Yolk Pocket Overshirt and a bottle of whisky. Captain Haddock’s name is all over the Gansey Knit; we’d play it safe for Stone Cold, clubbing together for a Made in USA Varsity Jacket; you know Paul will just be happy with some Pantherella Socks and Greyson’s been dropping hints all year for those Sanders Chukka Boots. That just leaves old man Larry, how about a lifetime subscription to the Beige Chinos? Very fitting."
I guess Mat only knows whether anybody from the list turned up today. Check out Mat's post when the Harry Stedman team paid him a visit in his hometown of Blackpool. A big thanks to everyone that took part! Have a great Christmas!