A Christmas Meal with ... Nik Speller, Buckets & Spades Contributor.

December 14 2014, 0 Comments
header_deep_new With Christmas just around the corner, we’ve managed to catch up with a few friends of Harry Stedman and find out whom they would most like to spend a Christmas meal with. It can be any person, group of people, from the history books or alive today. Here’s what our friend Mr Nik Speller, contributor to Buckets & Spades Blog had to say..
"Who would you invite for Christmas dinner? This question always throws-up the same dull answer. Gandhi, Churchill, Shakespeare, those sorts of folk. Now don’t get me wrong, those three would be fascinating to meet, especially as they are all long dead, there’s just two problems: 1) Where would I fit in? Seriously, these guys are such worldly people of intellect, each a master of his craft, why would they want to talk to me? And what would I have to bring to the conversation? 2) It’s a Christmas party, I want some fun! Much as I admire these people, I want a good time, not another discussion on the intricacies of literature or the merits of different political systems - those topics have already been reserved for the 3.00am slot, sat slumped in a chair with a glass of whisky. So let’s make this Christmas dinner both one to remember and one to enjoy. First up on the list, my girlfriend - if she wasn’t there, she’d probably kill me. Second, Gordon Ramsay - we need someone to do the cooking. Third, I’ll have to pick two friends at random, a prize draw - I can’t have favourites! Fourth, Frank Sinatra - strictly tasked with singing mind you, although I’ll allow him a mince pie and a glass of sherry at the interval. Finally, probably my sister - it’s Christmas, so family have to make an appearance somewhere, no matter how much you don’t want them to." Frank Sinatra "In terms of location, Christmas dinner has to be at home. It would be great to sit on the top floor of The Shard, with it’s sweeping views of the London skyline, but it’s a little bit too Alan Partridge to live in a hotel over Christmas. Besides, I keep telling my Mum that she needs a new set of knives, and once Ramsay has sliced the tip of his thumb off while peeling a sprout, he’ll make sure she gets some. Music? That’s what Frank’s here to provide. As for food, Ramsay is our man, of course. Presents? Ramsay has his new knives, Sinatra his mince pie, sherry, and the opportunity to draw breath again, so they’re both sorted. As for my friends and family, I’ve put on a free Christmas dinner, with a celebrity chef and one of the greatest singers of all time, brought back to life! The real question is what are they buying for me? It'll have to be that Harry Stedman peacoat, at the very least." IMG_8786 The clock approaches midnight. We’ve eaten, the port is open, Frank is winding down, and Ramsay is washing up. The fire is low and the endless repeats on the BBC are muted. Board games played, the conversation turns to setting the world to rights - just in case Churchill and Gandhi show up unannounced on Boxing Day. But wait, what’s this? The sound of music? Why, it's John, Ringo, George, and Jim Morrison, come to serenade us through the final hours of Christmas Day. I sit back in my armchair, warming my Pantherella socked feet by the fire, soothed by these wandering minstrels and their Christmas lullabies. Where's Paul you ask? Well after he put another log in the wood burner, I sent him to help Gordon in the kitchen. I never did like Paul. Merry Christmas, one and all."
Keep checking back for more from the ‘A Christmas Meal with..’ series in the run up to Christmas.