A Christmas Meal with … Men’s File Magazine

December 07 2014, 0 Comments
Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 20.32.51 With Christmas just around the corner, we’ve managed to catch up with a few friends of Harry Stedman and find out whom they would most like to spend a Christmas meal with. It can be any person, group of people, from the history books or alive today. Here’s what Mr Nick Clements, Editor of Men’s File Magazine had to say..
“Today we lampoon the greats of history and are much more concerned with their flaws than their achievements – Men's File does not take this position and we feel much can be learned from those who dared to 'try'. A Christmas meal with Antarctic explorers Scott and Amundsen (and their respective teams) might be enlightening in so many ways. Scott, who tried to conquer the elements through technology and his protagonist, who used the ancient ways and ultimately triumphed while Scott failed and died for his misjudgment." scott-journal_1299135i   members_of_captain_roald_amundsen_s_party_who_reac_4f72b912a8 "Men's File are not qualified to ask these 'greats' any questions, but we could listen. Perhaps these men would want to know how clothing technology has changed in the past 100 years or so." harrystedman42 "From a designer's viewpoint it would be interesting to show them both a high-tech membrane type garment and the new Harry Steadman Slicker smock / jacket. The Slicker is something they would recognise at once and might not be surprised such garments – that helped them in subzero conditions – are still being worn today. After such a conversation I predict the Men's File team would be motivated to leave the room and make their first steps towards Iceland – obviously to get the mince pies.”
Keep checking back for more from the ‘A Christmas Meal with..’ series in the run up to Christmas.