Harry Stedman Interview: Sidetracked Magazine Editor - John Summerton

December 03 2014, 0 Comments
highlining-sierra-nevada-01 For those of you who have not laid eyes on Sidetracked yet, it’s quite simply a beautiful amalgamation of all things adventure. It’s a collection of some of the most striking photography that immediately has you hook, line and sinker and craving more. Plus, there’s captivating 1st hand descriptions of far away cultures, climates, landscapes and the journeys into the unknown. Recently, we managed to catch up with John Summerton, Editor of Sidtracked to find out more about the site, magazine and the ideas driving them both. Harry Stedman: So tell us a little bit more about Sidetracked. John Summerton: I founded Sidetracked just over three years ago as a personal project based on journeys of adventure, exploration and expeditions. This was a move to combine my obsession with outdoor living with my job which is a freelance graphic and website designer. I wanted to create something new, exciting, beautiful and unique by featuring a broad spectrum of stories, not limited by location, mode of transport or environment. The result is a journal that focuses on experiences of new cultures, pushing boundaries, and extraordinary stories accompanied by incredible photography and video. HS: And you’ve recently started producing Sidetracked in printed form. How did this come about? JS: I’ve always been a huge fan of quality print. There’s something quite special about the feel of the uncoated papers and smell of the inks. Early this year we started getting a few requests about a printed version of Sidetracked.com and, with the recent surge in independent publishing, there was no better time to give it a go. Our first edition sold out within weeks and we’re now working hard on our third issue, which is out in January. We love to be able to share these stories across different mediums and the reaction to our magazine has been incredible. Everything is so fast paced and forgotten in the blink of an eye these days so it’s great to be able to create something that can really be savoured and cherished. HS: So who makes up the Sidetracked team? JS: I run operations day to day and work on design for the website and print. Jamie Bunchuk and Andrew Mazibrada joined me last year as editors and do an amazing job. Martin Hartley – a respected and renowned adventure and polar photographer – is our Director of Photography and makes sure everything looks incredible. And it really does. HS: If you were to recommend five of your favourite stories to us, what would they be? JS: A very tough question! We now have so many articles online and in print covering long distance paragliding to freediving to ski mountaineering, and all of them are amazing. But here’s a selection of five from our website as a bit of a taster. PATAGONIAN EXPLORERS patagonia explorersThis story epitomises Sidetracked. A tale of independent adventure into the remote regions of Patagonia equipped with packrafts. BY FAIR MEANS Bike 2 Boat 2013 - AlpsThis is an incredible story of travelling 2000km by bike through the alps towing kayaks. “Stop where you want, sleep where you fall over and paddle as much as you can.” 125 DAYS IN AMAZON ArizonaGareth Jones and Aaron Chervenak are 2 years into an expedition to traverse Brazil from North to South via foot, cycle and kayak. Great storytelling and photos from an incredible adventure The Great Himalaya Trail Great-Himalaya-Trail-01The Great Himalaya trail is a route of over 4500km passing through Kashmir, India and Nepal. An extraordinary and brutal trek SITKA TO HOONAH Sitka-07Nathaniel Stephens and Daniel Fox follow in the footsteps of the 1741 Russian sailing vessel which explored the unmapped coast of North America If that hasn't wet your appetite for adventure there not much that will. To pick up a copy of Sidetracked head to any good magazine store or visit the shop on the Sidtracked site here