Goodwood Revival: Harry Stedman Interview with Patrick Blakely-Edwards

August 04 2014, 0 Comments
In the build up to Goodwood Revival, we’re looking back at last years visit when we stopped by the paddocks to stare, open mouthed at an array of beautiful vehicles. Right before he hit the tarmac in a C-Type Jaguar we managed to have a chat with racing car driver Patrick Blakely-Edwards, here’s how it went… • How long have you been racing at Goodwood and what first brought you into the festival? I’ve raced at the Revival at least 10 times. I have a historic racecar preparation business so it’s in my blood and the Revival is the best historic car race meeting in the world. • What's your assessment of your performance in the race? Anything you'd have done differently? I was driving Ben Cussons C Type Jag in the Freddie March and an ex works Chain drive Frazer Nash in the Goodwood Trophy. The weather conditions were so appalling in the C Type, I made the conscious decision to play it safe and focus on keeping the car on the circuit rather than lap times. The car has no safety equipment such as belts or roll bar and I was happy with our 3rd podium and an undamaged car at the end. I qualified the Frazer Nash 4th in the wet and although its only 1 ½ litres and not as developed as the ERA’s, its handling in the wet and lack of diff allowed me to outdrive most of them. The race was dry so my advantage was lost and we came home a respectable 6th which was still a great result for this really historic ex Brooklands car.  • Can you give us a walk-through of the car you were racing; its component parts, your favourite features? The C Type is one of my favourite 50’s racers. It’s as happy on the road as it is on the track. It was driven to and from the circuit by its owner and watching Ben reversing it, mud splattered, in to its garage alongside the highly polished cars being prepped on axle stands was fabulous. They are a delight to drive and beautiful to look at. Racing the Frazer Nash is a child hood dream of mine. I’ve been obsessed with the Marque and its period racer, AFP Fane, since a very young age so racing it at the Revival was very special. It’s extremely exciting to drive and very chuck-able. The brakes are pretty vague so one gets used to lobbing it sideways on entry to corners to scrub a little speed off whilst also getting the front end pointing towards the apex. My favourite feature of the prewar Frazer Nash is the chain drive transmission. Each ratio can be changed individually, the dog gear change is as fast as one can move the lever & the solid back axle means fabulous grip in the wet. • What are you currently driving outside the race circuit?  LandRover Discovery – one of the rare ones with a Tow Bar fitted! • Favourite car of all time? Early Mk1 Cobra 289 / 1972 BMW CSL Batmobile. • Your racing career highlights? There’s a few. I’d say P2 at Monaco Historic in LeMans representing Frazer Nash, also P3 in an unlikely vintage saloon Frazer Nash at 2012 Goodwood Revival. Any race in Martin Hunts Pre63GT Mk1 260 Cobra on side pipes We will once again be at Goodwood Revival this September (12-14th) selling our latest collection. If you would like the chance to join us, simply sign up to our mailing list before 11th August 2014. Follow for full details. Good Luck!