The Club Collar Shirt

June 29 2016, 0 Comments
The story of the Club Collar shirt begins way back in the 1800s. Eton’s then schoolmaster saw the opportunity for sartorial change in the school’s famous tails and top hat uniform. Creating a new look to differentiate the college’s “elite” students from other local school kids, the ‘club collar’ was born...
Original Club Collar Shirt
The style, with its softly rounded edges, has since adorned the neck of countless politicians, actors and even future kings. The first club collars were large and finished high up on the neck, suitable for the schoolboys who were wearing them then, but not so much for the modern man. 

"Something about the design encompasses all things British..."

No longer specific to the Eton ‘club’, today the collar is a subtle nod to fashion, softening a traditional button-down without emasculating the wearer. Something about the design encompasses all things British, from the schoolboys who pioneered the look so many years ago to the Mods and Teddy Boys who claimed it for their own; it has become a staple in our country’s wardrobe. 
We’ve updated the look, reducing the collar size drastically and slimming down the fit for a more contemporary feel. Keeping in mind the style’s long rooted history, we’ve included a six-button placket and added an extra button on the back of the collar, to keep an element of more traditional shirt design.
Our shirt is made with USA-grown cotton and woven into cloth using an incredible technique in Japan. The ‘End-on-End’ weaving style used interlocks fine threads of coloured cotton with white cotton, producing a very fine check effect. The subtlety of the pattern produced compliments the softness of the collar, creating an overall look that is understated but slick. Find more information on our Club Collar shirt here, including shipping and sizing information.

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