Harry Stedman x Goldenbear Varsity Jackets

June 15 2016, 2 Comments

A cornerstone of American culture, the varsity jacket has come a long way since its groundings in the college letterman system. As colourways and fabric are so interchangeable, the look has seen countless transformations since its conception; from mesh and satin versions appropriate for sports teams, to the lavish substitution of crocodile skin in place of wool seen recently at Louis Vuitton.

Harry Stedman x Goldenbear

One of the many reasons we chose Goldenbear as our varsity jacket manufacturer is their unlikely relationship with dockworkers, like Harry. Towards the start of last century, the San Francisco based brand saw a demand for purposeful all weather jackets to clothe the men powering the city’s booming shipping industry. On the east coast, Harry would have worn something similar aboard the long traipse between New York and Liverpool, and as he and others disembarked at home, an influx of American fashion and culture came with them. By the time Goldenbear began to produce varsity jackets in the 1950s, they were already a staple in every college-goer’s wardrobe; sixty years later and the style still emanates the same enviable cool it did the first time around. Slung on over jeans, or paired with suit trousers and a tie, it has the ability to dress down without distracting from tailoring, while also giving casual clothes a sartorial edge. Take a look at some of our more modern takes on this seminal jacket below.

The Slim Fit Varsity Jacket

In our grey on grey Slim Fit Varsity Jacket, a classic style grows up. The colourway and fit have evolved, making this 50s icon more suited for the modern man. Together with the almost bluish tone of the piece, it feels instantly more contemporary, and works effortlessly in more modern, urban surroundings.

The Classic Varsity Jacket

In a contemporary classic fit, with set-in sleeves is our classic varsity. Though the forest green and black maintain that sense of Ivy League nostalgia, our addition of black leather arms and cuff protectors keep it up to date.

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