Harry Stedman Visits The Pop Up Flea, London

November 03 2013, 1 Comment
Pop Up Flea A few weeks back the Pop Up Flea finally made the leap across the Atlantic with their first ever UK event. Just off Piccadilly, the warehouse-like space felt unusually friendly, miles away from the impersonal sample-sales we're used to seeing in the capital as of late. Tellason, Red Wing, Anthem, and more, all turned out to show the best of their wares. The huge variety of what was on offer, ranging from lizard skin hipflasks to bicycles, definitely didn’t fail to impress. The founders, Randy and Michael, describe the event as a ‘dream store’, with each area mocked up as miniature shops.  The fact each brand has free liberty to decorate their area however they want makes the event really visually exciting. For example, Aether’s minimalist stall backed onto Tanner Goods, (see their awesome laser-cut sign in the photo) and the contrast to rustic leathers clashed brilliantly. At the Pop Up, customers actually have the opportunity to get to know the people and expertise behind the items their buying. It is a collaboration of companies that just really care about the craft of what they do -all of the brands have a soul and a story. Every stallholder we met was happy to talk to us and share their genuine love for their brand, with absolutely no snobbery. A refreshing and personal experience, we can’t wait to see what the Pop Up Flea comes up with next time its in London.