Harry Stedman Japanese Twill Chinos

July 14 2016, 1 Comment

A man's search for the perfect chino is certainly a tireless one, and our quest to craft that very garment has been no different. Though we concede 'perfect' is very much an unattainable ideal, we still feel we've delivered something that ticks the proverbial boxes of the modern man.

As with all our garments, we wanted to offer something that teams durability with comfort, supported by a timeless look. With that said, we ventured back to the 1950s, to a time when the humble chino enjoyed a transition from military use to civilian wear.

Chino Inspiration

Men from all walks of life wore them, though perhaps most famously those at the heart of the Ivy League movement. The trousers’ appeal was firmly rooted in its versatility, something that could be dressed up or down to suit almost any occasion, thereby making it wholly accessible to the masses and accessible to a young Harry Stedman.

"They should be built to last and shouldn't require great thought to pull on before heading out into the world..."

The workhorse qualities of the archetypal chino appeal to us as they did to Harry; they should be built to last and shouldn't require great thought to pull on before heading out into the world. They were and still are an everyman's garment.  This line of thought helped us arrive at our decision to employ the use of 10.5oz, densely woven Japanese cotton twill for our chino. The fabric not only offers a wonderfully soft handle and smooth appearance, but is robust enough to offer the wearer years of service. 

Additionally, in homage to classic Ivy League style, we introduced frog's mouth pockets with beautiful Corozo buttons, adding a charming point of interest that tastefully deviates from the norm. In doing so we hope to have honoured the working history of the great chino along with the Ivy flair they later became known for. Find out more and shop our Navy Japanese Twill Chinos here.

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