Harry Stedman 50s Button Down Shirt

December 22 2012, 0 Comments
Harry Stedman 50s Button Down Shirt At the heart of any man's wardrobe you'll find his favourite shirt, one he turns to religiously, wearing until its threadbare final days. The answer to many a sartorial problem, he finds solace in its versatility and quality - an integral part of his personal style. Mindful of this tender relationship, we wanted to take considered steps to be a part of it; we therefore began to develop our very own 'favourite shirt.' A lengthy journey began with our own vintage archive, with many hours spent examining shirt upon shirt, enamored by classics from the likes of U.S makers Brooks Brothers and J. Press. What followed was a grand medley of paper chasing, archive hunting and film study, all of which centered around 1950s, an era we greatly respect for its undeniable impact on men's style. This extensive research helped determine what we felt were quintessential features of a 50s shirt, features which have remained relevant to the present day; locker loops, box pleats et al. Though we were set to retain a wealth of original features, we also recognised there was a key area in need of update -  the garment silhouette, one that we would tastefully slim down to appeal to contemporary tastes. Examples of 1950s Shirts With our menswear recipe neatly scribed, we approached an esteemed factory in Garland, North Carolina, who would go on produce our 50s inspired design. That very factory has also produced for the iconic Brooks Brothers amongst a number of other recognised names and to be included amongst their shining roster of clients was a sincere compliment to say the least. Upon receiving the result of their craftsmanship we were delighted, as close as we could have hoped to realising that 'favourite shirt.' Our classically styled 50s shirt was made from soft Supima cotton, grown in the USA and expertly woven in Japan. True to 50s originals we included a 3-finger button down collar - larger than many of today's decidedly petit offerings - that rolls to give to a strong, traditional look. Paying close attention to shirts of the era we decided against a chest pocket, installing a 5 button front placket, rear collar button, box pleat and a myriad of other small touches to make this shirt a truly special offering. The shirts have now made their way to our webstore and you can view them here, alternatively you can pop into John Simon's store in London to handle our wares in person. We look forward to hearing how you all feel about our now signature shirt.