C' H' C' M New York

November 05 2012, 0 Comments
CHCM Located in one of the few calm, cobbled streets of Lower Manhattan C'H'C'M is the brainchild of British expat, Sweetu Patel. Whilst on a pre-Sandy visit to the city we made a special stop at the store, on a mission to enjoy one of the many menswear treats the city has to offer. The store is laid out beautifully, with a feeling that everything has its place. Its purposely minimal styling lets the product talk for itself, with each garment displayed in a delightfully uncluttered, unbiased fashion. Rails are tastefully dressed, with ample room around each piece for easy viewing, allowing the buyer to take in everything with little effort. Their brand list is rather impressive, with Sweetu taking particular pride in having secured a number of British and European brands that few other, if any, stores in the city carry. Names like Drake's, Mackintosh, Mismo, OneNineZeroSix, Private White and 6876 are all housed in store, along with US-natives Ovadia & Sons, Individualized, Levi's and more. With an ever-expanding brand list and savvy merchandising C'H'C'M has became one of the menswear destinations in New York, retaining such status with a commitment to quality, craftsmanship and a no-frills approach to retail. There's a charming chemistry between the brands on show, connected by a welcome sense simplicity that elevates the store above would-be peers guilty of trend-hopping and impulse seasonal buys.  It's this simplicity that turns one-time visitors into loyal patrons, offering a great escape from the frenzied world of retail that bubbles within the city. C'H'C'M offers a calm environment in which to browse until your heart's content or at least until your wallet is heavily wounded, so next time you're in the city that never sleeps we highly recommend visiting Sweetu and his wonderful store. Take comfort in his stripped back approach to menswear and enjoy your escape from the bright lights and inherent distractions of this bustling metropolis. CHCM CHCM CHCM C'H'C'M' 2 Bond Street, New York, NY, 10012, USA Photos by Dan Pratt