The Windmill St. Diary Vol Nº3 "The Garden Party"

July 27 2012, 0 Comments
Windmill Street Diary Vol Nº3 Following the arrival/production of some of our first finished garments in the last couple of weeks, work has continued apace on finalising the website so we can officially launch Harry Stedman. With the help of our good friend Dan Gable - who is very experienced behind the lens, both as a photographer and a film & TV producer/director - we organised a photoshoot in a secret west London location. We took our chances and attempted to photograph outside in the natural light, within our “white box” bubble. Given the current inclement summer we are enjoying in the UK it was a bit of a risk. But it worked out pretty well, and we finished the shoot about and hour before the heavens opened! Windmill Street Diary Vol 3 Above is a picture of Dan checking the light and organising the arrangement of the garments on our mannequin. Boy its fiddly work to get the shape and hang of the garments right, but necessary to be able to provide customers with a proper reflection of the garments. The dappled light in the garden provided some fun, natural shots. Windmill Street Diary Vol Nº3 Windmill Street Diary Vol Nº3 Occasionally, using the white box provided a kind of peepshow element to the process!! But the real key was to get the product photos. The mannequin was useful, and also meant that we didn’t have to have Colin modeling any of the clothes this week! Windmill Street Diary Vol Nº3