Jack Kirby and My Life as a Member of the Teen Brigade

May 15 2012, 0 Comments
I was a 5 year old kid at the arse end of my dad's career at sea and the thing I remember most from his travels were the comics…and the artist that seemed to capture the manic, larger than life, dayglo feel of life in the US circa '62 was Jack Kirby. I became an avid collector twice in my life - as a 5 year old I just wanted to be a member of the Teen Brigade - why not? - they wore the coolest threads, lived in the South West ( where was that??) and looked completely off their heads all the time - and later as a nerdy teenager when story arcs and whether Adams or Romita had done the cover took prominence... Reading comics today with my 7 year old son is done via iPads and Comixology technology which means you read in close up one frame at a time…at first I hated it but it has reminded me of the energy in some of those early Jack Kirby comics…check out the pilled up eyes on these Teen Brigade jocks...

Jack Kirby | Teen Brigade Comic