The J Crew Liquor Store

February 12 2012, 0 Comments
J. Crew Liquor Store I recently mashed up a very boring business week in New York with a trip to the Village - top of my list to visit was J Crew's mens only store, aptly called the Liquor Store. I was intrigued to see if a big, mainstream label could make visiting a store fun again, given that fun isn't really one of the words that springs to mind when faced with the prospect of going around the Madison store looking for plain tees.. First things first, the J. Crew Liquor Store is not really on the Tribeca beaten track but there was enough to keep you busy if you think the world ends past 44th.  The other thing was that there were more stylists and PR people than customers so the staff were pretty freaked out when I too asked to take pictures.  The vibe instantly worked though  - there were lots of original features (like the lovely bar) from the original townhouse to offset the stacks of Oxfords that normally you'd flick by on the internet without giving a second glance.  Here they just seemed to be, well, more interesting. The piles of staples were offset by high end leathers and chinos and boxes and boxes of Aldens which seemed so much more appealing than the normal layout you'd see within J Crew. J. Crew Liquor Store J. Crew Liquor Store Perhaps the two best features though were that the collection was small, well honed and focused on the stuff you really wanted. There was an amazingly eclectic mixture of vintage and deadstock accessories such as watches, lighters and cufflinks interspersed everywhere so that you were really not certain what was J Crew and what wasn't.  I plumped for a pair of chinos and a lovely catapult that was straight from the pages of the Beano.